This is Me

I like coffee and books.
I am not a 'writer'.
I seriously considered naming this blog, "Cheaper than Therapy".
I micro-manage everything (working on that one).
I am married to my best friend and we have 3 beautiful kids.
I am late to everything.
I make plans and then life happens.
My kids inspire me to be better.
I married into the best family ever, it's OK if you're jealous.
In my world if I don't write it down, it won't get done.
My time management skills are atrocious.
I like to run, maybe someday I will actually do it.
I love to camp, hike and hunt.
I don't play sports.
I hate making beds.
I am slightly obsessed with porch swings.
I could play board games all day.
I don't have a college degree.
Yes, I crochet and do crosswords to unwind.
No, I am not your grandmother.
My laundry is never 'done'.
I am a lover of the truth, even the hard ones.
I tend to give more grace to others than to myself.
I believe we are all sinners, saved by Grace alone.
I believe in honesty, loyalty and love above all else.

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