Sunday, November 24, 2013

On Winning (& Losing) and What Actually Matters

We held you, and each other, and we all cried together at the heartache.  It hurts to walk away empty-handed. It hurts more when you're out of practice. For 4 years I have watched you put yourself on the line and selflessly offer up body and mind to fight and sometimes will another win.  39 wins in a row and 2 State Championship titles don't happen by accident. Or luck.

There is no doubt in my mind that the price you paid was high.  Four long seasons of start-to-finish-both-sides-of-the-ball football takes a toll.  I'd be lying if I said this year wasn't gut-wrenching.  We simultaneously cheered and held our breath at every hit, every tackle, every block.  We wanted you to win because you wanted it, and we knew that if and when the day came that you didn't we would be devastated for you. But, this is what I want you to know and it is the most important thing... we would never be disappointed in you.

Brad, you are an amazing young man. I know you carried the weight of the win on your shoulders into every game. I also know that it is no stretch to say you would have given anything to win just. one. more.  The heart that beats in you is one of strength and determination.  You live a life dedicated to those you love on and off the field.  There are so many things about you that were revealed on the football field, and they were ALL good.  Fiercely protective, loyal and selfless, strong and fearless. I am so proud of the way you represented our little town and our family. You carry some of the best traits of all the men in your family and I know they are proud of you, too. You are an amazing example and encouragement to so many. 

I know the pain of this week will fade slowly and there will be reminders now and then, but please remember these words as well.

We love you. We are proud of you. And I still want to B-RAD like #32 :)

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